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    Invitation to the Autoparts Expo Africa 2019

    Dear Sirs/Madam,


    We are honored to invite you to participate in the Autoparts Expo Africa 2019. The 8th edition of Nigeria Autoparts Show will be held at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos starting on 08th May. It is a 4 day event and will conclude on 11-May-2019.


    China-Lutong Fuel Systems is a leading manufacturer of Fuel System Parts & Components  in Internal Combustion Engines. The company will showcase Full Line of Diesel Fuel injection Systems and Common rail Components at Nigeria Auto-parts Expo 2019. We Cordially Invite You Visit China-Lutong At Stand 48 at Autoparts Expo Africa 2019 in Lagos Nigeria.


    Autoparts Expo Africa 2019 (Lagos)

    Booth No.:      48

    Time :          8th - 11th May

    Location      Federal Palace Hotel & Casino, Lagos, Nigeria

    Web Address  http://www.china-lutong.com

    E-mail        david@china-lutong.net

    Tel.          086-594-3605653

    Mob.:          086-13599498981



    West Africa Autoparts Expo has the ultimate objective of providing a good forum for existing and potential practitioners as well as other stakeholders in the automobile and allied businesses across the world to explore and exploit the potentials that abound in the industry in Nigeria. It brings together major local and international vehicle manufacturers, Brand Representatives as well as policymakers in the road transport and automotive business in Nigeria and West Africa.


    We believe that the Nigeria Auto-parts Expo 2019 will definitely satisfy you, don't miss this great event! I am looking forward to meeting you next week in Lagos, Nigeria!

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    Все права принадлежат China lutong дизельное частей растений bсе права защищены