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    Autotech Egypt 2018 came to a successful conclusion

    China-Lutong successfully participated in the three-day international automobile industry exhibition held in Cairo, Egypt from December 14th to 16th, 2018. The exhibition attracted exhibitors and customers from many countries and regions, and the exhibitors took the opportunity to The respective booths showcase their superior products and innovative technologies.


    China-Lutong Parts Plant - As the first-class manufacturer and supplier of diesel fuel injection system in China, it displays new exhibits and excellent quality. Over the years, it has been striving to build high quality of its own brand and promote the internationalization of the brand "DIESELPARTS". Image and continuous efforts to create greater glory for China's private enterprises.

    During the exhibition, China-Lutong showed the new and old customers the most advantageous products of the company, such as: VE pump parts (pump head, plunger, solenoid valve, drive shaft, fuel pump, cam disc, roller assembly, Repair kits, etc., common rail injector assemblies, common rail injectors for Toyota KD engine, common rail parts and accessories such as common rail injector control valves, solenoid valves, etc. Through this exhibition, the communication with the old customers was deepened, and the foundation for the cooperation in the new year was laid. The new customers who met at the exhibition, through the conversation with them and the samples they showed, some intention customers bought on the spot. The sample hopes to cooperate with us.


    Looking forward to China-Lutong 's 2019 achievements in the field of fuel injection systems.

    Ремонт топливной аппаратуры, легковых, грузовых автомобилей отечеств. и импортнных пр-ва, автотранспортных дизелей, автопогрузчиков. Ремонт электронных насос-форсунок для легковыых и груз. автомобилей. Ремонт двигателей, продажа з/частей. топливная аппаратура, электрооборудование, распылитель, форсунка, плуинерная пара, ТННД, ТНВД, автолампы, реализация электрооборудования , Север-плюс,Оптовая и розничная продажа топливной аппаратуры для всех,видов дизельной техники: распылитель, форсунка, пара,плунжерная, топливные насосы.
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