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    EPS 118 Common Rail Injector Tester

    China-Lutong has the latest OEM Bosch test equipment to test your injectors. We can test your common rail injectors for Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge Diesel pickups. We can test most Bosch, Denso, Siemens and Delphi common rail injectors used in Diesel pickups, Sprinters and most newer Cummins, Perkins, John Deere engines.


    EPS 118 Diesel Injection Test Equipment


    1.        The unique check & change tester

    2.        Space-saving and rugged desktop device with a transparent Chamber

    3.        Easy to operate via touch screen even without previous knowledge in the testing of diesel injectors

    4.        Display in Expert mode with graphical representation of injected volumes and test pressure

    5.        The test report presents the results of the individual tests


    The proportion of common-rail systems found on diesel engines continues to rise.

    The new EPS 118 provides precision technology at an affordable price, giving even smaller workshops the chance to participate in this growing market with minimal outlay.


    EPS 118 common-rail injector tester at a glance:

    l         Precise and fully automatic injector testing

    l         Simple and fast setup

    l         Intuitive operator interface (touch screen)

    l         Covers a wide range of injectors (incl. Bosch, Continental, Siemens, Delphi, Denso)

    l         Database with test values

    l         Additional injector-specific information

    l         Display of spray pattern at all pressures

    l         Easy display of test results for workshop and customer

    l         Report printout

    l         Space-saving bench top unit (60 x 60 cm)


    The advantages for the workshop


    l         Entry-level opportunity for CR injector testing

    l         Saves time and money compared to outsourcing for testing

    l         Easy to operate even without previous experience

    l         Fast identification of defective injectors

    l         Unbeatable price

    l         Report printout makes it easier to convince customers


    Software and display unit

    Clearly organized and easy to understand innovative menu navigation.

    Several possible result display formats available, e.g.:

    C Normal mode: good/bad display

    C     Expert mode: good/bad display and graphical display of injected volumes


    EPS 118: Testable components

    l         CR solenoid valve injectors for cars

    l         CR piezo injectors for cars

    l         CR solenoid valve injectors for trucks


    Technical equipment for efficient work

    l         Test pressure up to 1 800 bar

    l         Three-phase electric power not needed for operation

    l         No cooling/heating system necessary

    l         Easy servicing and filter changes

    l         Software update and printer connection via USB or WLAN


    Technical requirements

    l         Mains power supply 100 to 240 V

    l         Compressed-air supply 7 to 8 bar at flow rate of 320 l/min

    l         Common workshop compressor required


    Amortization example

    If the workshop tests four injectors per week with the EPS 118, the device is amortized in about two years.


    EPS 118

    l         Accessory: for third-party Common Rail Injectors passenger cars (Denso, Delphi, Siemens, VDO and Continental) 

    l         Accessory: Connecting piece for Common Rail Injectors of truck engines (Bosch) 

    l         Accessory: Backflow connector for Common Rail Injectors of truck engines (Bosch)

    l         Accessory: Connection adapter for Common Rail Injectors of truck engines (Bosch) on request

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