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    China Lutong Leading the Industrial Weather Vane of Automechanika Istanbul 2017

    Automechanika Istanbul is Eurasia's number one OEM and Aftermarket event. It brings together all relevant professionals from the Automotive Manufacturing, Distribution and Repair sectors in the region as it attracts an audience that exceeds 44,500 professionals in the automotive industry. There are numerous opportunities for automotive manufacturers and service providers to exchange ideas with interested trade visitors and present their latest innovations. Of course, China-Lutong also appreciates the different possibilities offered by such a fair. That is why we participate in almost all the events and, of course, at this year's automechanika Istanbul (April 6 to 9, 2017).


    China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional and the most trusted diesel fuel injection systems supplier in Fujian, China. Based on 20 years of experiences in the Diesel Parts manufacturer and develop, we know exactly what our customers demands and can offer our best Diesel engine Spare Parts as per their demands for all known international car brand. We always aim to offer the high quality engine parts to all our clients. The exhibition attracted more than 100 countries around the world professional visitors to come and purchase. At the TÜYAP Fair at booth G119 in Hall 12, China Lutong presents its entire brands and product lines as well as its automobile aftermarket components, parts, Tools & Equipment this year. The special highlights are our COMMON RAIL system and our diesel injection system. However, the more than 30,000 expected visitors can also get information about the other products from our comprehensive range for the Diesel Fuel Injection Components, Parts and Spares. For questions, Dennis Shi (International Business Manager) and Tina Chen (Vice International Business Development Manager) are available every day.

    Ремонт топливной аппаратуры, легковых, грузовых автомобилей отечеств. и импортнных пр-ва, автотранспортных дизелей, автопогрузчиков. Ремонт электронных насос-форсунок для легковыых и груз. автомобилей. Ремонт двигателей, продажа з/частей. топливная аппаратура, электрооборудование, распылитель, форсунка, плуинерная пара, ТННД, ТНВД, автолампы, реализация электрооборудования , Север-плюс,Оптовая и розничная продажа топливной аппаратуры для всех,видов дизельной техники: распылитель, форсунка, пара,плунжерная, топливные насосы.
    Все права принадлежат China lutong дизельное частей растений bсе права защищены