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    Global auto parts enterprises began to emerging markets

        The rapid rise of emerging markets is not only a vehicle to attract businesses, parts enterprises also saw such opportunities, when global procurement become necessary, the international merger and reorganization of enterprises parts of the times may be coming.

        International parts enterprises recent moves frequently in the vehicle were large-scale enterprise mergers and reorganizations, parts enterprises embark on the road of expansion and global emerging markets within the scope of mergers and reorganizations, the international parts market waves gradually.

        On the one hand, the rise of merger and reorganization of enterprises parts trends, and other vehicle parts business enterprises as showing a shift to emerging market trends, the North American market is the United States as "big" as bogged down in the quagmire of losses.

        North America and Japan having different

        Delphi in bankruptcy protection with the United States Auto Workers labour negotiations once aroused widespread interest in the just reach an agreement soon, Delphi had not had time to breathe a sigh of relief when the International Association of electronic communications and workers to come in, claiming that Delphi needs meet workers in wages, benefits and work requirements in terms of safety.

        JimClark Chairman of the organization, said: "Delphi currently does not have any proposal to meet our demands and, if not ultimately achieve our Delphi's request, we will take this slow negotiations tired of the way." It is understood that the Government has allowed its in the October 13 strike.

        Delphi's troubles not only that, in addition to the current Delphi is working through negotiations between employers and employees to reduce the high cost and burden addition, Delphi is also seeking funding to carry out the reorganization. Cerberus Capital Management of a company headed by the withdrawal of 3.4 billion US dollars of investment plans, making the prospect of Delphi was complicated and confusing, and now a new plan, the United States auto parts giant Delphi accepted a sum of 2.55 billion US dollars of the new capital injection. Although Delphi smooth transition, but it appears that some "Diaojia."

        Compared to the plight of Delphi, Denso Japan is still in the rapid expansion. According to Denso recently announced an expansion plan, in March 2011, Denso will invest in southern Japan 2 billion yen building a new plant.

        With this kind of bitter echoes the situation uneven, almost all parts of the Asian giant is represented by the emerging markets as an important procurement base. This has also become the best way to reduce costs, the United States had some "big" as the main parts manufacturer, is seeking through the development of its business in Asia to extricate itself from the predicament of loss, and gradually reduce the share of the North American market operations ratio.

        Asia and China opportunities

        Asia and other developing countries, as well as the low cost of the rapid development of the automotive market as the main reason for attracting parts enterprises. China is particularly evident advantage of this, China is already the world's second largest auto market, global vehicle giant China has been gathered.

        According to foreign news, France announced Faurecia auto parts to the first half of this year the financial data and cost-cutting plan, and has plans to 2010 will come from low-cost countries parts procurement ratio from the current 32 per cent to 50 per cent. At present, Faurecia has been in Changchun, Wuhan, Shanghai, Wuxi and other areas set up nine factories.

        Visteon will also gradually increase its share of business in Asia. By 2009, Visteon will have 40 percent of its business from the Asia-Pacific region (including joint venture sales), Visteon last year to its international electronic products Group headquarters to Shanghai soon after made the above forecast. Visteon said that by 2009, they will have one-third of its sales from Europe, while only 26 per cent of its sales from the North American market.

        At the same time, in order to satisfy the growing Asian market, the demand for and use of the cheap labor in the region, Visteon is continually expanding its Asian business and product development center. The company now in China, India, Japan, South Korea and Thailand have business. Trends in the rise of mergers and reorganizations

        Industry analysts believe that: With the global vehicle business expansion, the parts supplier's global distribution of the speed of the follow-up will be further accelerated, in order to effectively control and digest the ever-increasing cost of the parts and components suppliers will also be mergers stepped up the implementation. Today, this trend has been emerging.

        The latest news from a "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported that the United States private equity fund Blackstone Group companies and the United States auto parts supplier days of the Group bid for Germany's Siemens VDO electronics companies. In addition, there is news that the VDO Germany has long been coveting the mainland Group of its bid price from the 10 billion euros has been raised to 11 billion euros, while the current SkyTeam Blackstone Group and the Joint Group of Price for 12 billion euros.

        Coincidentally, Germany announced that four mainland this week from Australia car brake suppliers PacificaGroup acquisition of the hands of the Italian drum brake manufacturer AutomotiveProducts (AP). In order to enhance international business brakes, Germany-parts maker Bosch GmbH in October last year spent 196 million US dollars takeover is located in the PacificaGroup Melbourne, Australia, and their integration into Bosch Chassis Braking System Division.

        It seems now that some of these may simply not related to the case, but with the global vehicle distribution enterprises, the rapid development of emerging markets, will set off parts giant a merger and reorganization of the storm.

        Some traditional mature markets such as automotive United States, Europe have entered the saturation point, without exception, all the vehicle companies are looking for seizing emerging in some market share to save the situation. With the global vehicle business re-layout, parts and components enterprises must then follow up, many parts giant in the emerging markets establish their own production facilities, but also pay attention to local R & D began.

        For instance, Visteon through the Shanghai R & D center developed several products, the local research and development, local production, local sales can greatly reduce costs. However, in order to effect a greater degree of scale to reduce costs, while for the new factory in early cycle and also become a problem, in such circumstances, mergers and reorganization as a good choice.

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