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    China should attach importance to technological breakthroughs trucks enterprises to win in the future

        Most of the auto market by foreign brands distinct divide in China commercial vehicle market, trucks occupy an independent brands has been strong position. According to the China Automobile Engineering Society data, in 2006 in the commercial field, the Chinese own-brand market share of over 90 percent, which contains the sales of own-brand vehicles accounted for 94.2 percent.

        But industry experts believe that the leading sales, the truck does not mean that we are leading enterprises in the strength of their foreign counterparts. It is undeniable that China's national and foreign policy trucks enterprises in China than anticipated. But in the ever-changing market, we have reason to believe that the truck transnational giants China will gradually adapt to the environment, if so, China is likely to truck their own brands more than it is now facing fierce attacks. Therefore, before the advent of the crisis, China's enterprises should think of trucks some more long-term.

        Since 1956, China's first truck off the assembly line so far, China's commercial In total, including heavy truck industries already have more than 50 years of development history. In these 50 years we created as liberation, east China's heavy truck, and a group rather strength of the truck business. Our enterprise scale large enough, it also accounted for the domestic market, but we must acknowledge that we are not vigorous enterprises, science and technology is still relatively low, with only inexpensive and strong after-sales service network would have difficulty adapt to the future market changes . 

       There are indications that China's policy-making commercial vehicles industry will increasingly move closer to European standards. At present, the country has emission standards equivalent to Euro emission standards will be implemented next year and the Beijing standards. In addition, drawing on the European automotive safety standards of our national security laws and regulations are also discussed.

       Relevant data show that the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the state will be enacting "indoor commercial vehicles driving occupant protection" and "commercial before the lower protective devices", these two standards directly related to the safety of commercial vehicle cab. Promote energy conservation at the national emission reduction in the larger environment, through taxation and other means gave priority to supporting the economic development of energy saving and environmental protection are also models of the trend. Held recently in Tianjin, China's automobile industry in the 2007 International Forum on the Development, Finance Secretary on the tax policies that, in order to inhibit the development of high-emission vehicles, the Ministry of Finance is speeding up the introduction of environmental taxes on the feasibility study. The new policy was unveiled, and the products reach the required standards will be directly related to the life and death of truck companies.

       At the same time, with rapid economic development, and users purchasing power has also made great upgrade, and the transport level and the improvement of the environment and transport modern logistics system gradually established, the market has been marked signs, mainly in the low-end product mix trucks has not meet the needs of the market, and heavy-duty, highly efficient, and high-tech performance in the high-end heavy truck products in the market demand is increasing. According to the latest statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in the first half of 2007 the domestic market demand in the truck and heavy trucks (total quality in the eight tons and above) become the fastest-growing segments of the market. According to foreign institutions predict that in the next three to five years, China's heavy truck marketߵdemand will certainly be more vigorous, by the year 2010, more than 15 tons of heavy truck China will reach 70 per cent of the truck market.

        However, the current domestic high-grade, large-tonnage trucks belonging to the production still basically the initial stage, about 97% of the domestic product is still in the truck in the low-end level. Existing national high-end heavy truck manufacturers and quality, technological level and R & D investment, and there is a great gap between their foreign counterparts. For instance, fuel economy, emissions technology and security of the cab from the world's advanced level and also the future national standard is still far. can now achieve the emission standards for the heavy truck, or liquefied natural gas as fuel to the heavy truck, most domestic enterprises have also difficult to produce. And represents the most advanced environmental protection technology in addition to the European trucks to meet the European , Europe emissions standards, in the mixed fuel also shaking his lead.

       When a large number of domestic truck manufacturers are able to achieve their Euro standard Fortunately, Volvo has introduced a zero emissions of carbon dioxide environmental trucks, and their factories for the transformation of the world's first truly achieve a zero carbon dioxide emissions from factories. With respect to security, to Volvo, Scania, represented by the world's most advanced enterprise has its trucks the cab of the truck safety of the commonly used high keel structure, and by the world peers as the most stringent Cab strength of the Swedish safety tests, invested up to 100 million yuan. 

      Industry experts believe that the global auto industry about advanced technology revolution in the next 20-25 years, but it left China truck business has been running out of time. China truck business from now on, if not to technical breakthroughs in the future, it would mean that once the new introduction of mandatory standards, we will not only lose because of the new standards the international market, will be handed over to the domestic market so that phase.

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