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    Fuel pump card processing and the reasons for the delay

    Fuel pump diesel car engine fuel supply system of "heart." Precision injection pump, a dual card delay would lead to engine speed instability and will lead to serious engine flameout and Speed accident. 

      The reasons for the stagnation injection pump card 

      The old fuel pump, the more reason for the delay cards do not clean diesel, piston and piston sets between mechanical impurities, or plunger and plunger sets of surface injury or top edges and corners plunger being a burr by Kepeng to. 

      The new fuel pump, the card stagnation following reasons: 

      (1) At present, some fuel pump manufacturer in the debugging and maintenance of fuel pump units, pay no attention to selection of high quality diesel, resulting in the diesel fuel used by the debugging actual content of glial larger, more acidic. This debugger, in a dual fuel pump with precision surface adhesion of a residual oil film. If the fuel pump storage for too long, this layer will gradually Film formation of organic sediment and plastic guitar, and a card will be installed after the hysteresis phenomenon. 

      (2) fuel pump storage Baoguanbushan, packaging lax, moisture-proof anti-corrosion material leakage or damage to equipment, tubing joints dust cap damage or loss, and also have a card hysteresis phenomenon. 

       Card processing lag 

       The use of the old fuel pump, the card can be identified by a dual stagnation and the plunger removed by washing clean diesel. When the plunger at the top of Inner indent plunger Shibuya card issuers will be issued at this time should not be repeated rotate or tic plunger to avoid scratches burr plunger sets. The correct ways of handling is: will pull the plunger top angular position with the plunger to set flush into the central hole, slowly rotating plunger, then there will be block flu. When transferred to a position block flu disappeared, that is, that Kepeng plunger top angular position is brought into a hole in the piston. Hutchison prospective location, will be launched plunger piston top angular sets, with fine sand of the grinding Kepeng site. Grinding, fine sand of the plane and the axis was 45 º plunger, gently push and pull a few to remove the burr can be angular. Grinding but not too much, so as not to affect the supply cylinder angle of consistency with the initial supply of uniformity. 

       Hysteresis for the new card fuel pump, use the following approach: 

       (1) to the fuel pump and injection governor adequate gasoline or diesel, repeatedly rotating camshaft, fuel pump tappet governor fly ball and components such as free movement, the card issuer to prevent corrosion, resulting in Diesel Engine Speed. 

       (2), the physical decomposition of the fuel pump (485,695,4125,6130, and other models such as the use of , , , fuel pump), the body will be placed, open side decking, dumping Under pumps fastening nut, remove pumps, hand clamped to live plunger roots, slowly extract fault cylinder plunger and spring (Note shall collision plunger), using cleaner gasoline or diesel repeated washing, wash After rehabilitation equipment (Note plunger arm conditioning load regulation must fork), and turn nut tightening pumps, rotating camshaft, Pandong pump handle manipulation review. 

       (3) the overall-fuel pump (6110,6135,6160, and other models used by the A and B-type pump), which opened flat side, rotating camshaft with screwdriver inserted card was entrusted with the plunger spring lightly bending, forcing plunger downlink reset, the plunger sleeve exposed to the root of the plunger injection cleaner gasoline or diesel oil, and rotating camshaft. Reciprocating plunger to be comfortable before and after the Second Mobile sensitive rack, put net cleansing oil, into the crust to the governor adequate clean lubricants.

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