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    China-Lutong will attend Automec Sao Paulo 2019

    AUTOMEC 2019 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    Booth No.        F241
    Date             23 C27 April 2019
    Location         Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


    China Lutong Parts Plant very honored to participate in AUTOMEC BRAZIL for the third time. Our booth number F241


    The Brazilian automotive industry ranks 7th in the world. The South American Community market members are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, with a total population of 200 million. AUTOMEC is a professional automotive parts and accessories exhibition in South America, and it is the focus of new technologies and business of auto parts. It is one of the top 5 auto parts exhibitions in the world. It is currently a platform for establishing business and corporate relationships in the Latin American parts industry chain and auto repair industry.


    AUTOMEC' high-tech accessories, accessories, machines and equipment have created a business opportunity for the entire automotive industry. It is also the best opportunity for the Chinese auto parts industry to enter the South American market. Bringing light and heavy-duty parts manufacturers to the huge scale of the exhibition - 90,000 square meters of exhibition area, 20,000 square meters of experience area, 1,500 domestic and international brands to participate in this exhibition, China lutong parts plant in addition to displaying traditional VE pump Parts, Such as injection pump head & rotor, fuel injector, plunger, control valve , feed pump,  cam disk, pencil nozzle. We will also showcase our newly developed common rail system components and equipment, such as bosch common rail valve. Delphi (9308-621C, 9308-622B, CAT (C7, C9) 326-4700 fuel injector control valve, Denso common rail injection (095000-5471, 0445110190).


    China Lutong Parts Plant invites you to participate in the 2019 Sao Paulo International Auto Parts Exhibition in Brazil. We look forward to working with you to open up the market and gain unlimited business opportunities!


    China Lutong Diesel Teile Plant ist ein Hersteller Spezialist für Diesel-Motor parts.Our Hauptfach Produkte ist Ve-Pumpe, Diesel-Einspritzsystemen Teile, Diesel-Düse-, Diesel-Einspritzung-System, und die Produkte miteinander (z. B. Leiter Rotor, Kraftstoffpumpe, Cam Plate, Drive Schacht, Manget Ventil, etc.), Diesel Plunger (A, AS, P, PS7100, P8500, MW-Typ, etc.), Diesel Nozzle (Dn, DNOPDN, S, SN, PN und so weiter.), Liefer-Ventil, Cat Stift-Düsen und so weiter.
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